Bartender Vince

Professional Bartending Services

     To help you make the best possible decision on hiring a bartender that is right for you and your event, I provide some tips to think about.  Even if you decide not to hire this me, I feel better that you made an educated and informed decision.

​  The question I hear from clients most is: Are you licensed? 

    For the state of California, as far as I am aware,  there is NO legal requirement, law, ordinance, or any statute for anyone to receive any training, license or certification to become a bartender.   The reality is anyone off the street can call themselves a bartender and hand out alcohol.   Although, not everyone should.

    That is why I suggest asking a better question.   Ask what their qualifications are.  This will allow the prospective bartender to show his/her training certificates, years in the industry, etc.  This is a two way interview and will allow you to better evaluate if they are the correct person for your event. 

    When looking for a bartender, be sure to ask what their service includes, and what it does not.  Do they provide straws, napkins, coolers?   Are there any optional services available?  If your budget is tight, things like stereo systems can be rented cheaper than hiring a DJ service. Just put on your music player playlist and enjoy the tunes.  What is their attire?  Do they charge for set up time and clean up times?  Does this bartender fit well with your personality, style, desired image?  

    What equipment do you need? Do you need a full portable bar station, ice coolers and tubs, water station, and garnishes.  Do you want an environmentally friendly bartender? I use 100% earth friendly plastic cups, straws, and made from recycled material cocktail napkins.  

    While most of my clients are in the Los Angeles area, I also service the neighboring areas.  I also travel to select out of California locations for guest bartending events.

I strive to Raise the Bar and Toast your Spirits. 

You can contact me directly at 626 437-5767 or fill out my Estimate Request form.   

My service is more than just mixing drinks.  I deliver an experience for my clients.  The experience of a stress free, fun, event.  The experience of you, sitting back and enjoying your guests, and the party.  How many times have you hosted a party only to be running back and forth to the kitchen, or checking with your guests to see if they are ok.   You don't normally have the same fun experience as your guests do.  Let me help change that for you.